The Market Awakens


Lance Goodwin is a Managing Broker and Assistant Manager of the Kent Station Coldwell Banker Bain. For information on buying or selling a home, you can contact Lance at his real estate website,

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The Market Awakens

(best if read while listening to the Star Wars theme)


Following the seasonal slow period, the real estate universe begins to thrive as the days of winter pass and hope returns for warmer and prosperous days ahead. With each passing day, more sellers and buyers contact a real estate agent and THE MARKET AWAKENS.

 While the Sinister FED has raised the prime rate, residential rates have experienced little change. With financial struggles in foreign countries, the stock market has experienced rough days, resulting in interest rates remaining low. Yet, it has been prophesized that this is the year when rates will finally rise. The expected result will be increased costs for buyers as they get less for their money and a longer market time for sellers.

It is a triumphant time for a BUYER or SELLER to enter the market. For a buyer, continued low interest rates mean you purchase a house for less money than it will cost you when rates increase. For sellers, low inventory continues to make this one of the best “Seller’s Markets” in the history of our sector. Your Real Estate Jedi Knight, Lance Goodwin, is here for you when you are ready to launch your buying or selling journey andtogether we can restore order to the galaxy…

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